News & Views July/August 2019 Edition

John Starkey We Didn’t Know USPOULTRY Did That! We have recently returned from our summer board meeting, a particularly critical meeting for us in that it is where we set our final budget for the new fiscal year, beginning on July 1. The summer board meetings are also where newly elected board members, brought on board at our abbreviated January board meeting, for the first time see the “nitty-gritty” of the programs, internal and external, that we support on a regular basis. Often, those new board members come up to me or other staff and say, “We didn’t know USPOULTRY did that.” So, below, I’ve compiled some of the external industry support programs or groups we funded last year and often fund annually. Animal Agriculture Alliance - $110,000 annually (largest single contributor to AAA) National FFA - $170,000 (includes bringing around 100 FFA students to IPPE) National Chicken Council’s Chicken Check In - $100,000 National Turkey Federation’s Micro Turkey Program - $50,000 Evaluation of Sanitation Programs - $70,000 Recruitment Grants to State Associations - $70,000 U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance - $100,000 EPAWOTUS Lawsuit - $38,000 (part of Farm Bureau Coalition) There are a number of other external grants we make, but this gives a broad sampling of where we invest our funds. Of course, we also perform a number of internal programs focused on research, education, communications, environmental, food safety, employee safety and health, and human resources. Of course, these funds come largely (90%+) from the IPPE. So, I can’t close this column without noting our thanks to the 1,400+ exhibitors in the trade show, and you, our member companies, sending staff members to IPPE to do business with those exhibitors. There is an old saying, “What goes around, comes around.” Through your participation in IPPE, either as an exhibitor or attendee, you help us accomplish that, as we return net revenue right back into the advancement of our industry. John Starkey, PE President PRESIDENT’S COLUMN John Starkey, PE President USPOULTRY JUL/AUG 2019 I NEWS &VIEWS I 1